InvestorPA is shutting down effective immediately

30th April 2017

It is with regret that I wish to you inform you that InvestorPA will be shutting down effective immediately.

Last weekend the ASX implemented web-crawling prevention technology on their key announcement pages. While workarounds may be possible - they're onerous, time consuming to implement and will require constant attention. As a result, it's no longer viable to me to continue to operate this service.

InvestorPA was launched in early 2011 to scratch a personal itch of getting timely ASX announcements for companies I follow. I suspected other value investors would also find such a service useful. Over time I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse types of people that would sign up - media, professional fund managers, corporate advisory, private equity and company employees. Throughout I've experienced nothing but encouragement and support from many that have reached out.

Thanks for all your support. Shame that it had to come to an end. Bye for now.

If you wish to get in touch, best way is through Twitter.